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[BKARTS] book art at car dealerships

I thought this group would appreciate this.

My husband is going to have to buy a new truck
in about a year and is looking around. While getting
his old truck fixed at the Nissan dealership yesterday,
a sales person started talking to him and gave him
a "brochure" for their latest truck model, called
the Titan.

This "brochure" is amazing! I don't know all the
technical "book" terms to describe it, but I recognize
numerous design elements in it. I'll weakly attempt
to describe it here, but I really recommend the
curious to pick on up and take a look for yourselves
because I know I won't do it justice. It comes in a
sort of box that the book slides in and out of. Then the
book inside I think would be considered a "fold" book
because it's one huge piece of paper that's been
folded in half and then again 3 more times. Plus
there are a few smaller books attached inside this
larger book. Of course the graphics are eye-popping
and the text is dramatic, to say the least, but I was
just impressed to see the practical application
(even if it is for selling cars) of a piece of book art.

~ Tammy


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