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[BKARTS] Hydraulic Standing Press: Advertisement of sorts

I must empty my warehouse of a large hydraulic standing press made by/for the Gane Brothers. No offer is too small, though I must draw the line at paying you. Platen size is 27.5" by 19". Footprint of 39" by 21", with a height of 7'4". Roughly 3' of press boards and blocks are included to raise the working height. It requires 220v current, and the hydraulic lines have been snipped to facilitate moving (standard 3/8" copper tubing and compression fittings make for very easy replacement.) It is currently in our warehouse on its side on two pallets. You?ll be responsible for arranging shipping, for which (my apologies) I?m unable to supply an estimate of weight. (It is very heavy.) We have no loading dock or forklift, so you?ll require a large liftgate or hoist. (This is a modern (1950's) industrial machine... not graceful pretty cast-iron window dressing.)

You may contact me at (630) 752-4122 days, or bob@xxxxxxxxxxxxx

Bob Roberts
139 N. Washington St.
Wheaton IL 60187


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