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[BKARTS] repair advice

Evening Amy ... and so you will be gluing a 3/4 inch wide wing to the
pastedown. I would cover this with a strip of Japanese hand made chosen for fiber
length, medium weight, and color match to the endsheets, feathering both long
edges, overlapping the spine edge of the flyleaf by about 1/8 inch. This strip
will both reinforce the joint and make the repair less obtrusive.
I've assumed, perhaps incorrectly, that you aren't interested in lifting the
pastedown at the spine edge and inserting the wing between the pastedown and
board; this would be the somewhat stronger and less obvious repair but also
significantly more difficult and time intensive. Do you have Arthur Johnson's THE
LEATHER BINDINGS. Almost everything in the latter is applicable to cloth and
paper bindings. Both guys really know their stuff!
I'd like to add that, if you don't have it, you'll want to acquire a really
good lifting knife. I used to fashion my own until about five years ago when I
bought Jeff Peachey's. Ever since then a day has rarely passed when I don't
use his knives and silently thanked him for them; they are the very best I know
of, a real pleasure to use. All best, James

James Tapley
Hand Bookbinder
2077 Thirteenth Street
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Tel 941 366 8248


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