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Re: [BKARTS] Glue trouble

Although the results may be good, using sugar and alum in book paste is
probably dangerous in the long term, offering an invitation to mould in a
humid environment and making the adhesive acidic in the case of the alum.
Alum is used as a mordant (biter) for dyes and releases acid slowly.  It
could result in foxing of the paper ie nasty little fox coloured spots.

You could try mounting cloth in the Japanese fashion using paper as a
lining and a paste with an antifungal agent in it. Some of the commercial
pastes offer this feature.

Adrienne Allen

I use a drop or two of tea tree oil-- not a lot, certainly not enough
to make the finished book smell noticeably... but  a minuscule amount
in my working container of PVA.... it is a natural
antiseptic/antifungal and it works great.

 (Except for that one time last summer when my PVA container was
smelling kind of "mushroomy" in the heat.... I added the tea tree oil
and the whole thing started to bubble on its own... I decided-- after
watching it for a minute, calling in my husband to watch it,  and
rethinking  my PVA storage--  it was best to throw that all away! :-)

It's probably not completely acid free... but I also do a lot of art
books/ found item collage and am not doing a lot of restoration... so
I'm sure that there are other things that I inadvertently use that
are less than acid free as well.  I do my best.

If I was doing restoration, I would be *much* more careful

Madwoman in the Attic Designs

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