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[BKARTS] lifting pasted pastedowns

I am currently working on a late 19th or early 20th century book (no date 
anywhere in book), and the client would like me to replace or repair the 
cracked front board.  The book is  "Bryant's Poems" by William Cullen Bryant 
and published in Chicago by M.A. Donahue and Co.   The book is 5 x 7.25", and 
has one of those padded leather bindings.  The leather on the binding is in 
good shape; the only break in the joint is about 1" long on the front joint.  
The board is cracked parallel with the spine along a line about 1/3 the 
distance from the fore edge. 
In order to mend the cracked board I was going to lift the paste down, and 
then readhere it.   The adhesive appears to be paste.  I have tried the damp 
pack trick, with no success.  Anyone have any ideas for lifting this 
reluctant pastedown?

Thanks in advance,
Susan Lunas
Eugene, Oregon

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