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Re: [BKARTS] Traveling to Madison and Milwaukee


Check out the collection of artists books at the Elvehjem (Madison). You may
want to give them a call first too. http://www.lvm.wisc.edu/intro.html

BTW... ask about the bibles at the Memorial Library  =)

Oh, and there's also The Children's Cooperative Book Center at Helen C.
White Library
The Silver Buckle Press, which is part of the general library system of
UW-Madison. http://www.library.wisc.edu/libraries/SBP/

Then there's the State Historical Society...

All of these are basically on or within the same block.


Jean Haefner BFA, MFA
artist | designer | educator

On 5/18/04 02:06 PM, "Barbara Harman" <ArtSurvive@xxxxxxx> wrote:

>  I would like to make contact with any special
> collection libraries that collect artist books while I am in those areas. Does
> anyone have any recommendations as to where to go and whom to see? Contact
> information would be much appreciated.


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