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[BKARTS] Hot Foil Stamping Dies

Hot Foil Stamping Dies

I have looked over some threads from the past regarding gold tooling and
dies, stamping equipment, etc.

I can machine manufacture dies for myself, but I'm wondering how exactly to
deboss the gold foil onto the covers of the books themselves. What
temperature should I have the dies heated to? Is there any particular care I
should take with the covers? Should I use any sort of sizing or prepare the
covers in any way?

I am using a heavy cover stock in some instances, and a cloth covered
hardcover in others. Is there a special sort of foil I should use?

Lastly: I am looking to purchase an old kingsley (or other manufacturer)
foil stamping kit. Conversely, if there is a company in Calgary that won't
charge me an arm and a leg to have some covers printed, that might be
helpful as well.

Thanks for your help.


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