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[BKARTS] Deacidifying paper used for pasteboard

A simpler solution for aqueous deacidification of your papers used in making
paste boards:
2 grams of calcium hydroxide dissolved in 1 liter distilled water. Allow to
settle. Filter solution through cotton wool. Add an equal portion of distilled
water. Test pH with standard pH paper, you are going for a 10. Add uncut
solution or distilled water to adjust pH. Soak your papers in the solution for one
hour. It is a good idea to support your sheets on a nonwoven polyester
carrier. At the end of one hour remove the sheets and allow to dry.
Further precautions and steps are required if you use this solution for
documents or text.
Pasteboards are made using a starch paste as the adhesive; the most
comprehensive description of their making, as far as I know, is to be found in ISLAMIC
As always when working with pasted papers you need to pay attention to grain
While studio made pasteboard has many, many uses you should be aware that
without access to a hydraulic press for compacting the damp pasteboards they will
have not have either the density or rigidity of decent binders board. This
relative softness and resulting flexibility is the source of their usefulness
for certain binding styles.
For those with any experience of papermaking you can make a very nice
pasteboard equivalent by simply couching repeated sheets of rather thick newly made
paper one atop the other and then pressing; the sheets will bond under strong
And the rule remains, your pasteboard will only be as good as the quality of
paper or pulp used in its making. Best, James

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