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[BKARTS] AW: lifting pasted pastedowns


There are several ways, to lift reluctant pastedowns:

- Don?t forget to test colours or writings on the paper!!
- Remove any dirt in the groove or inner joint, because it would cause
those ugly dirty marks.
- If the pastedown has soluble colours on it, you have to apply
compresses or a Gore-Tex sandwich.

Apply ethanol (70%) to the pastedown and then moisten with water. This
way, the water penetrates the paper much better. But be very careful,
with cracks in the board, because the moisture may reach there the
leather cover darken it. 

Often it helps to apply heat to the moistened paper, especially if there
is any animal glue under the paper. Steam has proved to be very useful. 

Very reluctant patches are often lifted with the use of acetic acid
(3%). Apply the acid to the paper or - if possible - inject it directly
between the board and the pastedown.
Apply ethanol (70%) and a thick layer of methyl cellulose to the
pastedown. Be very careful not to apply the methyl cellulose (Thylose MH
300) to the turn-ins, they may darken. You have to wait until the paper
may be lifted. I would try to lift the paper after 10 minutes. If it's
not possible, try every 5 minutes, but do not remove the methyl
cellulose. This would cause the paper to dry and would make you start
again from the beginning. When it is possible to lift the paper, remove
the Thylose just at the patch you are working at. Then remove again a
little bit of the Thylose and lift the paper. After removing it
completely, I would suggest to wash it.

Damp the pastedown and the board and cover using a Gore-Tex Sandwich. To
do so, place the cover on a film. The pastedown is covered with a thin
Holytex or Reemay), a Gore-Tex membrane, a thick moistened blotting
paper, a film and a thick felt to weight the sandwich.
This may take some time (up to several hours), until the moisture
reaches the paste and make it swell up. Then it should be possible to
lift the paper.

One of this ways should lead you to a successfully lifted pastedown; if
not, the pastedown has peen pastedown with a PVA and the use of solvents
is inevitable.

I hope this helps. If you are uncertain about any point, feel free to



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> Susie Lunas
> Gesendet: Mittwoch, 19. Mai 2004 17:02
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> Betreff: lifting pasted pastedowns
> I am currently working on a late 19th or early 20th century book (no
> =20
> anywhere in book), and the client would like me to replace or repair
> the=20
> cracked front board.  The book is  "Bryant's Poems" by William Cullen
> ant=20
> and published in Chicago by M.A. Donahue and Co.   The book is 5 x
>  and=20
> has one of those padded leather bindings.  The leather on the binding
is =
> in=20
> good shape; the only break in the joint is about 1" long on the front
> nt. =20
> The board is cracked parallel with the spine along a line about 1/3
> distance from the fore edge.=20
> In order to mend the cracked board I was going to lift the paste down,
> d=20
> then readhere it.   The adhesive appears to be paste.  I have tried
the d=
> amp=20
> pack trick, with no success.  Anyone have any ideas for lifting
> reluctant pastedown?
> Thanks in advance,
> Susan Lunas
> Eugene, Oregon
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