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[BKARTS] Making pasteboard

While a good press is certainly handy, it is not absolutely necessary,

Use a mixture of hide glue and starch paste as the adhesive.  Lightly
damp the paper to be pasted to relax it and use a wide brush (such as
a wall paper brush) and get on with it.

Use a rolling pin on each sheet as it is layed down/brushed down on
top of the previous sheet to remove excess adhesive, and continue until
the desired thickness is reached.

Use a damp sponge to clean the edges of the new pasteboard, and let it begin
to air dry.

When the pasteboard begins to curl up, turn it over.  Continue doing this
all day, then leave the pasteboard overnight under a weighted piece of
formica, or glass, separated from the pasteboard with a sheet of waxed
paper or Mylar,

In the morning, continue turning the pasteboard as it curls, until it is
dry (that is, when it stops curling.)

Now leave it under weight or in a nipping press for a few days/weeks to


>Pasteboards are made using a starch paste as the adhesive; the most
>comprehensive description of their making, as far as I know, is to be
>found in ISLAMIC
>As always when working with pasted papers you need to pay attention to grain
>While studio made pasteboard has many, many uses you should be aware that
>without access to a hydraulic press for compacting the damp pasteboards
>they >will have not have either the density or rigidity of decent binders


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