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[BKARTS] Pyramid Atlantic's 2004 Biennial Book Arts Fair & Conference

I am sending this in response to the post a couple days ago about
Carol Barton's pop-up book workshop.  That message reminded me
that I should urge everyone to Save the Date for Pyramid
Atlantic's 8th Biennial Book Arts Fair and Conference, which will
take place November 19th through the 21st in Silver Spring,
Maryland.  (This is in the metro-DC area).  Carol Barton is
tentatively scheduled to do a signing of her new book on Saturday
evening, November 20th at the Borders Books and Music which will
be opening this summer here in Silver Spring.  I will be posting
more information as soon as it is available, but I can tell you
at this time that exhibitors include a wide range of contemporary
artists who make limited edition and unique books, prints, fine
bindings, and artist-made papers, as well and independent presses
and dealers specializing in artists' books.  This year, in
addition to the Fair, we will also be featuring a Book Arts
Conference featuring two panels.  The first panel will be "The
Artist Book as Intermedia Device."  Scheduled to speak at this
time will be moderator Mary Lumm, and panelists Karen Wirth, Tom
Trusky, Craig Dworkin and Johanna Drucker.  The second panel,
"The Artist Book: Conception, Production and Distribution," will
include moderator Buzz Spector and panelists Emily McVarish, Phil
Zimmerman, Ruth Laxson and Joan Lyons.

Please mark the date on your calendars, and I will forward more
information in the next few weeks!
Tina M. Harris
Pyramid Atlantic
Office Manager & Publicity Coordinator
8230 Georgia Avenue
Silver Spring, MD 20910
(301) 608-9101, x101


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                       60,000 Euro in total prizes
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