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[BKARTS] Bookish Happenings at FAU

Hello Book Arts and Letterpress Lists: I just put the following email out
to our Jaffe Book Arts Collection email list, and I figured while I'm at
it, I'd go ahead and share our news (and our request) with the larger
printing and book arts communities, as well.


* * * * *

Hello Book Arts Enthusiasts,

John Cutrone here, from the Jaffe Book Arts Collection, with some great
news: the Book Arts Center at Florida Atlantic University is well underway
to becoming a reality. The university has given us a space in the old
T-Buildings, the oldest buildings on campus: circa 1930s Dade County Pine
and poured concrete buildings that were originally part of the Boca Raton
Army Air Field that operated here through World War II. Our letterpress
printing studio is a large room with banks of windows on both the east and
north walls. The building's strong but in a bit of disrepair... we're
hoping to change that, and, in fact, hoping the Book Arts Center's presence
will help the university administration see the need to restore these
buildings and give them the respect they deserve. They are, after all, some
of the oldest buildings in Boca Raton, and they hold a unique place in
South Florida's historical heritage.
Seth Thompson and I spent the better part of five days last week assisting
Greg Timko, a press rigger who drove down from New York, with the
installation of a 1940s Vandercook 4 proof press, an 1890s Wesel iron
handpress, and numerous other very heavy pieces of printing equipment into
the new space. Almost all of these items were donated to us, including our
most recent donation: boxes of advertising cuts that represent the graphic
design history of Miami. Most of the cuts are in perfect condition and may
still be printed today on our "new" antique presses. Workshops in
letterpress printing and hand papermaking may begin here at FAU as early as
this fall. It's a very exciting time!

It's also a time, though, where we are in dire need of some assistance. The
T-Buildings, as I mentioned, are old and in some disrepair. And, of course,
this being a state university, if there is one thing there is never enough
of, it is funding. In order to maintain the presses in their current
pristine condition, we are in need of a few essentials, as soon as possible:

       * an air conditioner
       * a dehumidifier

The room we are in has not been used for years, and the air conditioner
that is there (a window unit) appears to have caught fire once and is now
actually covered in mold. A new window unit would cost under $400. A
dehumidifier would also help, and would cost under $200. It is vitally
necessary to maintain proper temperature and humidity in the studio to
prevent the presses from rusting in our humid climate. We are appealing to
you, our supporters, for your help with this, our Emergency Wish List.
Other items we need to acquire, though not with such a sense of urgency, are:

       * numerous antifatigue vinyl floor mats
       * numerous clamp-on lights

If you are interested in helping out with either a cash donation or a gift
of any of these items, please do not hesitate to contact me, and we will
get the ball rolling. You may reply to this email, or phone me at (561)
297-0455. Your gift is tax-deductible as a charitable gift to a non-profit
educational institution, of course. And if by chance you are interested in
helping our cause for an educational book arts center here at FAU with a
larger gift, we'd be very interested in discussing that with you, too. For
now, though, I'd be very content with a good environment for our presses.
They are really beautiful machines, and we want to keep them beautiful, and
operating, for a very long time.

With thanks for your continued support and enthusiasm,
John Cutrone
The Jaffe Book Arts Collection
and the new Florida Atlantic University Book Arts Center
Boca Raton, Florida

ps. If you are moved to put a check in the mail to support our endeavors,
checks should be written to FAU FOUNDATION, referenced JAFFE SUPPORT FUND.
Our mailing address:

       Jaffe Book Arts Collection
       Florida Atlantic University Libraries
       777 Glades Road
       PO Box 3092
       Boca Raton, FL 33431-0992


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