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[BKARTS] large cow or buffalo skins

Hello Everyone,

I am have to rebind a very large folio in full navy cow or buffalo.  I
have found many chrome tanned cowhides, some with a preferable aniline
finish (though many are pigment-coated, oil finsihed, or even waxed),
but wondered if there may be any vegetable tans available.  I have
found a lovely undyed vegetable tanned buffalo skin that I may dye
myself and use if I can't find anything better.

I've checked:

Seigel of CA,-
Leather Source-

I couldn't remember if Hewit's or Harmatan carried buffalo and cow

Thanks in advance!

Jake Benson

Benson's Hand Bindery
1027 Brookwood Circle
West Columbia, SC 29169
(803) 926-5544


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