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Re: [BKARTS] Bookbinding board supplier

Magnesium carbonate is very sparingly soluble in water (.02g/100gH20 at
STP), which is why it "settles out of solution"- actually, it never was
in solution and is just temporarily suspended in water and settles over
time. When acids are utilized such as carbonic acid (from CO2gas, club
soda, etc) it can then be dissolved. 
After paper is soaked in this solution, the CO2 is liberated and you're
left with a deposit of magnesium carbonate within the paper fibers.

Soaking paper in just magnesium carbonate and water won't do much in the
way of deacidification or buffering.

Doug Sanders

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> Kathy,
> If you want do use magnesium carbonate, it ia available from Talas.
> with water, it will settle out of solution if not constantly agitated.
but you
> can soak you paper in water/magnesium carbonate prior to mounting.
> I would recommend using non acid paper to start. That way you needn't
> concern for pH.  To be on the alkaline side you may dip you papers in
> ammonia/water to adjust the pH more toward the alkaline. Ammonia mixes
well with
> the
> water and its cheap.
> Regards,
> Ed
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