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[BKARTS] Deacidifying paper used for pasteboard

Hi Ed, and my apologies. I certainly did not intend to suggest that your
studio-made boards
are less than satisfactory for your purposes. I'm not certain what you mean
by "apprentice board". Is this the sort of board which would be used by
apprentices on less valuable work, perhaps cloth bound?
I think that my lack of clarity has led us to compare apples and oranges.
Like you I have a stock of Davey gold label as well as English millboard made in
the 20's and I'm afraid that I used them as my reference, not commercial
binder's board which I take to mean the equivalent of Davey red label board. It
would be difficult to produce a lesser quality product than that!
I would like to add that while many papers, buffered in their manufacture,
may test pH neutral this does not necessarily obviate the concern over their
archival properties. I would argue that lignin content is at least as important.
But again, I do not mean to question the quality of your boards about which I
have no experience. Perhaps we could exchange samples?
Also, I don't think that I argued that great density or rigidity were the
gold standard for studio-made pasteboards. Quite the contrary. I think that even
a cursory examination of, say, 17th century vellum bindings would serve to
demonstrate the sometimes advantages of a softer binder's board. My chief
interest is in Islamic binding which necessarily colors my own preferences.
All best, James

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