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Re: [BKARTS] Deacidifying paper used for pasteboard


I took no offense, because I know none was meant. I have always found you to
be a gentleman.

What I call apprentice board is that made in the studio as opposed to
commercial board.  It used to be made by the bookbinder's apprentice because the
bookbinder's time was to valuable to spent on such menial tasks.

Unless you are using linen, cotton, hemp, or something similar, how are you
to avoid the presents of lignin? It is present in all wood-pulp papers. Some
are perhaps reduced, but none are lignin free. Thus the need for buffering. The
only thing to fear from lignin content is acidity, which is neutralized with
the buffer.

I was pleased to hear your estimation of the quality of Davey Red Label
Board.  I have often thought of expressing my disgust at it, but never did.  It was
never what one would call high quality. But, of recent years its quality has
all but reached the nadir. The only board worse, is chipboard and its
relatives, which is used in most publisher's bindings.




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