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[BKARTS] creating bookcloth

On Mon, 10 May 2004 Jet Wimp wrote:
    To use a fabric for bookcloth merely because you like its appearance
is asking for trouble.

Coming late to the party but just want to remind you-all that almost
ANY fabric can be turned into bookcloth  with the traditional
Japanese method of pasting it out with a thin flexible Japanese paper.

My preferred method, however, since it is dead easy, with any fabric
that can withstand heating (all cottons, most silks, many synthetics,
many wools)  is to use "WonderUnder" or "Transweb" (no other brands
are acceptable).  I cannot speak for their archival qualities except
that they fall into the category of 'hot melt' adhesives.  Both these
products can be obtained at your local fabric store or on the Web.
They come as yardage, and are a filmy thin non-woven polymer(?)
backed with heat- and stick-resistant paper.

Cut out an oversized piece, this is ironed onto the back of your
selected cloth with a HOT iron.  The paper is peeled off and any
tissue paper of your choosing is ironed on next.  Trim to fit and you
have a lovely flexible cloth that moisture and glue will not seep
through.  When in a hurry and making a simple card or planning a
coptic binding I have even skipped the tissue layer and ironed
directly onto the bookboards, fold and iron the edges, fold again and
iron down the turn-ins.  Sometimes ironing directly to the boards may
cause a mild warping if the board is thin, but flattens out as it
cools.  Or judicious ironing on alternate sides until the warp
equalizes and then weight it over-night.  Now your only problem is
how resistant your particular fabric is to ordinary wear-and-tear.

These products also unite paper and cloth in a way that allows you to
fold the cloth more as though it were paper - and the heavier backing
paper you use, the more independent the structure you create can be.
This expands the making of origami type creations, and simple folded

Now you can use any fabric that appeals to you. I do not pretend to
be a Fine Book-Binder, and would appreciate any input from you who
know, whether this is archival.  I do have some items that were
bonded more than ten years ago and show no signs of discoloring or

Happy ironing, Henrietta

-- Henrietta in Blue Hill Maine


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