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Re: [BKARTS] creating bookcloth

Ed writes:

-- Just out of curiosity; why does everyone think that
-- bookcloth has to be paper
-- backed?  Paper backing relatively new.

In many cases the cloth is so loosely woven or the threads so fine that
glue seeps through. You could argue about whether that's a good reason, I
guess, and whether they may be other ways to avoid seepage.

So I'll move on to my main reason:  The paper backing acts as a grain
stabilizer in much the same manner that freezer paper ironed on the backs
of quilting pieces stabilizes the grain while the quilt is being pieced.
And the paper side can be planned and clearly marked so that the board and
cloth are glue are positioned as I want them when the time is short and
the glue is setting and I'm down to only two or three non-gluey fingers.

Because I tend to work rather small, bookcloth tends to be fairly flimsy.
Any mistakes in grain are distressingly apparent on a 3" book, for


Beth Lee
Tallahasee, Florida

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