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[BKARTS] Davey quality (was Binders' board)

Dorothy Africa wrote:

as several people have noticed, the quality
of Davey Red Label board has recently plummeted.

       Could you elaborate?  Has it lost density or is the surface
too uneven?  Does it not hold together well?

I know that a few years back RockTenn <http://www.rocktenn.com/>
bought the Davey company, perhaps there was a management change that
effected manufacture (read cutting corners)?

   For those of us running out of our various secret reserves of decent
stuff, has anyone located a reasonable source of reliable board? --maybe
not fit for rare and valuable books, but something you can use without
having to change your name and then leave town in the dead of night.

       If you can find a source for small quantities there is Eska
board.  The best source for small quantities  I could find was at
Hollander's.  They called it Standard Book Board,
but the thicknesses they offer are not as varied as the Davey board.
However it's very reasonably priced.

There is the US distributor of Eska board, Kappa Graphic Board,
<http://www.kappagraphicboardusa.com/Products/eskaboard.htm> but I
have a feeling that there would be a minimum order of thousands of
sheets.  I have not checked.

I don't have the time today to do any more leg work, perhaps over the next few days/week.

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