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[BKARTS] Binders board

I switched to Gane Brothers Coverboard more than one year ago. It is a 3-layer laminated board with the grain of the center layer opposite to the the top and bottom layers. It stays nice and straight and the outer surfaces are smooth. I am told it's made from recycled newsprint(buffered to neutral pH i.e. acid free).

They are located in Chicago but have outlets in various cities throughout U.S. lower 48. They carry Davey board Red but...  They picked up another board called Sage Board last year. I think it was supposed to be an alternative to the Davey Board.  It has the same wet-lap construction as Davey so it's a real Binder's Board. BUT, The batch I received was warped and twisted worse than any Davey I had gotten up to that point and it was so dry and hard that even a mild bend would not press out even after weeks of pressing.

I found their Gane Brothers Coverboard to work very well(used commercially in loose leaf binders etc. - i think). In fact, I supply several Teachers and Artists in my area and they all love it. It's reasonably priced but they do have a minimum order size.

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