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[BKARTS] What's the matter with this board?

    As a novice, I have read the postings on bookboard with great
interest.  I am amazed at some of the arcane suggestions being offered
for sources of bookboard.
    The board I use, Lineco, is easily available, in fact, is offered at
Utrecht.  It is archival, sturdy, comes in four thicknesses, is buffered
alkaline, warp resistant, and very strong and dense.  I have never had a
problem with it.
    Is there something I should know?
    The board seems to have no imperfections, and certainly has no
rubber bands or used staples disfiguring it.
Thanks for your help.


Jet Wimp
Philadelphia, PA  19139

 The Belgian surrealist painter Renee Magritte entered a cheese store in
Brussels seeking a wheel of Swiss cheese.  The owner pulled a wheel from
the front window, but Magritte said he preferred the one on the back
 ?But they are identical,? the owner protested.
 ?No,? Magritte insisted.  ?This one?s been stared at.?


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