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[BKARTS] Chlorx in paste


Please explain how you can suggest that someone use
Chlorox or swimming pool chlorine to keep their paste
from fermenting.  A couple of drops in a batch of
paste are enough to be very damaging in the long run.

The simplest, cheapest and safest solution is to make
what you need for a week and keep it in the
refrigerator.  It will not ferment or mold in that
time and, I have found, that the paste will usually
keep for two weeks.  I do not use any fungiceds.  I
simply clean my paste making untensils well, mist my
paste jar with a little ethanol (or isopropyl) to kill
off any spores that may be lurking and let it dry, put
my strained paste in there and put it in the
refrigerator.  When I need paste, I use a clean
untensil to remove the ammount necessary for my day's

If you do not use a lot of paste so making a batch
every one to two weeks is much more than you would
need, try the Pre-Gel wheat starch that you can get
through Bookmakers.
<http://www.bookmakerscatalog.com/>  It is cooked and
freeze dried paste that you simply add cold water to.
It is not as lovely as cooked paste, but for small
batches or infrequent uses, I find it works very well.
 It is also great for travelling with!.

For the amount of time and effort we put into creating
our books, I would think that we would want them to
last as long as possible.  Adding damaging materials
just to save time does not make sense to me.

I personally like making paste.  It is my early Monday
morning activity and helps me get into a bookish mind
set for the week.

Donia Conn

>Ed Stansell wrote:

To prevent you wheat paste from fermenting or molding,
use a drop or two of
Clorox, or mix a little powdered swimming pool
chlorine into the water you mix
your paste with. There are many fungicides but these
are the easiest to use
and the least expensive.

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