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[BKARTS] Davey quality, and other Binders' board

Joseph Lasher wrote:
<They (Gane Bros) picked up another board called Sage Board last year. I think it was supposed to be an alternative to the Davey Board. It has the same wet-lap construction as Davey so it's a real Binder's Board. BUT, The batch I received was warped and twisted worse than any Davey I had gotten up to that point and it was so dry and hard that even a mild bend would not press out even after weeks of pressing.>

I also tried the new Sage board, a canadian product now carried by Gane Bros., and have been using it for a couple months as an alternative to Davey Red Label. My experience is not as extreme as the above, but I have had some warpage problems particularly in boxmaking.

 My experience with Oliner's Platinum board has been very good-  in addition they are going to be lowering their prices (25% I think) because of a new, more efficient, manufacturing system. How often does that happen....

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