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Re: [BKARTS] Chlorox in paste

At the risk of banging the drum too loudly, it is a pleasure to back
Donia on the danger of adding chlorox to paste. Chlorox is a mixture
of sodium hypochlorite and sodiuim dioxide, bleaches as strong as any
that have ever been used in conservation and pretty much out of use
for the last twenty years or so because the damage done by miniscule
bleach residues is so rapid and so serious. I don't know if the
movement from chemical bleaches to light bleaching is complete yet,
but it is instructive to consider the steps that an art conservator
would take to try to remove the residues of far weaker chlorine
bleaches back when chemical bleaching was widespread: the initial,
very dilute, bleach would be followed by prolonged washing with hypo,
then washing with hypo eliminator, then by many hours in running
water or many changes of water. After all this, it was still often
found that bleach residues would attack the paper in just a few
years--- so quickly and seriously that lay clients would see it, come
back, and complain.

The question of fungicidal additives to paste can be generalized on a
common-sense level. They are intended to kill and destroy organisms.
If they don't kill you in the short run, they are likely to destroy
your book in the long run. This is a lot to risk for no more than
workshop convenience. Is it really that much trouble to mix up a
batch of paste every couple of weeks?

Tom Conroy

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