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[BKARTS] fees and exhbitions

I've only entered one of these locally and it did not require a fee to
enter. But, that doesn't mean it doesn't cost money for the artist. By the
time you make the piece(s) and mail it in, you've already spent some money,
so to add a fee on top of these other expenses IMHO seems to add enough to
cause any artist to seriously consider if it's worth it to him/her.

I'm not trying to judge or say it's right or wrong to charge a fee. I'm
seriously interested in what others think about this and how they handle
deciding to enter or not.

I'm coming at this from both directions, as an artist and as a curator/exhibition coordinator. As an artist, I cringe everytime I write a check for a juried show. I am careful to enter those shows that appear to come close to my particular aesthetic so that I am not tossing my money away. BUT, I am well aware of the costs involved in putting on exhibitions . . . and every penny of artist fees are needed to cover those costs.

You have a choice . . . pay the fees and get the work out or keep the work
at home.  And organizers have the same choice . . . charge the fees or elect
not to do the shows.

Which would you prefer?

I don't mean to sound abrupt or nasty but am in the process of doing a
juried show in August.  I got a grant for about 25% of my costs . . . but it
is a reimbursement grant which means exactly what it says . . . I submit
receipts and 2 to 3 months down the road I will get reimbursed, without the
entry fees I couldn't do this show.  And while I am doing a fiber show not a
book arts show . . . the situations are pretty much the same.



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