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Re: [BKARTS] CANCELLED: Bookbinding Design Competition - MDE Innovation 2004

With this particular competition the math was that 2000 entrants paying 60
Euro each would bring in the 120,000 Euro required to pay out 60,000 Euro
in prizes (20,000 to the winner), cover catalog publication with "free"
catalog for all entrants, return the works, plus other fees. Very
ambitious, but it as been successful as was demonstrated by the Infinito
and Cantico (click on 100 maestri
<http://www.consulman.com/mira/eng/cantico/index.htm> competitions.

As past Exhibitions Chair for the Guild of Book Workers (with two juried
national travelling shows under my belt) I know that it is expensive to
organize shows. A typical entry fee of $25 really doesn't cover a lot of
the expense, especially if one considers that those selected for the show
receive a copy of the catalog.

I also enter exhibitions, some juried, some not, but almost all have an
entry fee. For some set book shows such as Cantico or the ARA Canada
exhibition which you've seen me promote there is also the expense of the
textblock, sometimes not insignificant.  Then there are also the materials
and my time.

What's the payout for me? Satisfaction, the thrill of getting in, seeing my
bindings published in catalogs, having them travel (even though that's a
strain). If one does private work, and itemizes those expenses can all be
deductible. Talk to an accountant.

So, how do I consider what to enter. What kind of show is it, i.e. artist's
book / conceptual or binding? Juried or non? I tend to prefer juried shows,
though I gladly enter non-juried GBW Chapter shows. Set book/theme, or not?
If I don't like the book/theme, no point to it. Bought too many textblocks
I ended up not liking and never finished. On the other hand, the textblocks
of the ARA Canada exhibitions really speak to me in terms of design and
typography. Entry fee, that's a given. I know what it takes to pull of a
show successfully, and am happy to support, including contributing for
catalog production.

I would very much like to hear some other opinions on this as well.


At 07:56 PM 5/26/2004 -0400, you wrote:
Hi Peter (and all),

I'm sorry to hear the competition had to be cancelled. However, it does
bring up an interesting set of questions, and one in particular that I have
also wondered about as far as fees.


I'm not trying to judge or say it's right or wrong to charge a fee. I'm
seriously interested in what others think about this and how they handle
deciding to enter or not.

~ Tammy in FL.


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