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[BKARTS] Eterno Board and Talas

I happened to speak with Jake Salik(owner of Talas) today. As some of you may know, Talas has just completed the huge job of moving to a new location. I had asked him about Eterno, samples of which I had recently seen. They are not carrying it yet but plan to, probably late summer after they get more organized in their new digs.No prices as yet because it will probably depend on how much they order. Quite alot would be necessary to bring the shipping price down.  That stuff is HEAVY!
Meanwhile I can say that the Oliner is a very nice board. I've been using it for about two years.  It's quite dense, but doesn't sand as well as the traditional blue board. Board up to .082 can be cut on a Kutrimmer.Talas does not carry Oliner but it can be ordered directly from Oliner.

Nancy Bloch


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