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Re: [BKARTS] paste

A method for paste that was taught to me by Japanese painting conservator
Nell Meldahl:

Cook up your original batch of wheat paste very thick. Pour it hot into a
glass container and allow it to set so that it forms a skin. Then fill the
container with water so that it covers the paste, with water rising a couple of
inches above it. Change the water daily. When paste is needed, scoop out a chunk
from the bottom of the paste ball/lump and push it through a sieve, adding
water to achieve the desired consistency. Paste should keep at least a week, maybe
longer using this method.

This method was used in two conservation labs in which I worked. In my
opinion, refrigerated paste separates and loses some of its tack. I do use pre-gel
or cold water paste with students and for convenience, but I find it grainy and
less tacky when you need a very light application.

Erin Vigneau Dimick


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