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[BKARTS] Paste and time(or lack thereof)


You bring up some good points in your response, even
though you misinterpreted some of what I had to say.

Time is very important to all of us, professional or
hobbyist.  However, additives to paste, or anything
for that matter, tend to impart problems that we won't
see for a couple of years or more, but will be
problems down the line.

For hobbyists out there who do not have time to cook
paste one every week or two, as I said in my previous
post, try the Pre Gel wheat paste from Bookmakers.
You need two minutes to mix up enough to use for that
session, don't need any additives to keep it, and you
don't have to take up any space storing it until next
time.  You also don't have to worry that it will
ferment, spoil, mold etc. since you mix it fresh every
time.  It solves the problem of wondering about
additives, what works best, ect. since you don't have
to worry about any of it.  Just mix your paste, use it
and enjoy what you are doing.  It really is a great

I apologize if I made any hobbyists feel like I was
putting them down for not having time to make proper
paste.  That was not my intent.  I only wanted to help
point out that Chlorox and other bleach products were
not a good idea.  I did NOT put down clove oil.  I
have used it in the past but not directly in the paste
but on a blotter taped to the inside of the lid of my
paste container.  It worked well but I learned that
making smaller batches of cooked paste when I needed
them and using the pre gel for those times I wasn't
using much paste was a better way to go.  I do miss
the smell though.

Discussions like this are good for the list.  It is
really great to have a platform like this to be able
to bring issues like this out in the open and to be
able to get a civilized dialogue going to everyone can
learn something new.


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