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Re: [BKARTS] paste

Preservatives are a bad idea because really, why? Life is never that short.
Not to mention the Law of Unintended Consequences.
I think that precooked "instant" starch paste, given the drawbacks including
cost that have been mentioned on list, is an OK answer. But barely.
Prep time seems to be the question du jour. I do remember being a single
father with a two year old and our toys centering my life at floor level. I miss
I would like to once again suggest that the seriously time challenged
consider either nuking their paste or a Zojirushi. Both of these answers require an
investment in equipment, but doesn't everyone have or need a microwave and/or a
rice cooker?
These tools require a small learning curve to adapt to individual needs and
resources. Once you learn to set the timers you will be very hard pressed to
demonstrate their inferiority to stand and stir recipes.
Yes, use distilled water. And Pyrex is better than ceramic. Best, James

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