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[BKARTS] A Video Introduction to Monotype <CROSS POSTED>

Dear Book_Arts-L,

A few months ago Michael Bixler and I made some short videos about
the Monotype keyboard and caster. These featurettes are intended as
a brief introduction to those not at all familiar with the process of
Monotype typesetting. Working without a script, Michael expertly
explains the most basic principles of the machines. Of course, the
real stars of these videos are the machines themselves: the keyboard
punching perfect holes in a ribbon of imported paper and the caster
casting 11-point Fournier characters.

These nine short videos (which require the free Quicktime player)
are available for FREE viewing at the bottoms of the Ephemera Club
and Elston Press pages of http://www.katranpress.com. Popcorn may
be had from http://www.popcorngirl.com.

Michael Russem
Kat Ran Press
221 Pine Street #108
Florence, Massachusetts 01062
413.584.1152 t/f


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