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[BKARTS] a thing on paste and board

Fermented paste. I have about 50 ml left from a "Japanese" experiment from
1982 where we made up a large quantity of wheat starch paste on what we
determined to be the near coldest winter night in Portland Oregon--buried it in the
ground as per the ritual and each year for about 10 we scraped the mold from the
top and replace the water and eventually ended up with a nice little pot.
Keeping the squirrels out was hardest. Overall the stuff is beautifully
homogenous but not terribly practical as we didn't get any worth using until Clinton
was in office. Had we followed the other artisan fermenters we might have made
multiple batches but the stickiness was not really great for the western mind
as much as the eastern. It is dandy stuff for silk to paper and all those flat
combinations and permutations but lacks the necessary fingers for leather-in a
word it is a weak adhesive but so homogenized as to be nearly invisible.

I do like the slow ferment of things like sourdough and vinegar and all those
other bacterial life forms down in the basement.

I make my own board for books [not boxes] as I have found it contradicts the
very idea of using beautiful leathers over recycled junk. As I like it ridged
I start with HM paper in the center and mouldmade print papers on each side
and when the thickness is reached surface both sides with a hard surfaced
drawing paper. All papers are clean and not recycled from a bad day at the press.
Hide glue is used and the boards are cured in the lower reaches of the standing
press for as long as I can. They end up being beautiful things and can be
sanded and shaped for the eventual system.

hope this helps. Keep yer lids loose if you ferment anything or lock em down

T. Ely/ Izik Ursus: seasonally employed at Planetary Collage


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