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    Encouraged by the ongoing discussion, I have sent for and just
received a sample of Oliner board, made by Oliner Fibre Co., Union, NJ
(www.oliner.com).  The board I received was .08" (also comes in .047,
.060, .095, .120)
    I like a lot about it.  It is tough, springy, bends without creasing
or warping.  It saws beautifully, without sending up plumes of fibre or
leaving ragged edges. I THINK it is archival, but the results of my Ph
tester are ambiguous, since the board is so dark.
    Maybe list members can answer some of my questions:
1)  Does Oliner retail from NJ, or does one have to find a dealer? Do
they deal in small quantities?
2)  Is the bookboard truly archival?
3)  Is this discussion of bookboard ever going to end?
Jet Wimp
Philadelphia, PA  19139

 The Belgian surrealist painter Renee Magritte entered a cheese store in
Brussels seeking a wheel of Swiss cheese.  The owner pulled a wheel from
the front window, but Magritte said he preferred the one on the back
 ?But they are identical,? the owner protested.
 ?No,? Magritte insisted.  ?This one?s been stared at.?


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