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Re: [BKARTS] a thing on paste and board -- another thing about boards

On May 28, 2004, at 5:33 PM, Timothy C. Ely wrote:

I make my own board for books [not boxes] as I have found it
contradicts the
very idea of using beautiful leathers over recycled junk. As I like it
I start with HM paper in the center and mouldmade print papers on each
and when the thickness is reached surface both sides with a hard
drawing paper. All papers are clean and not recycled from a bad day at
the press.
Hide glue is used and the boards are cured in the lower reaches of the
press for as long as I can. They end up being beautiful things and can
sanded and shaped for the eventual system.

A story (and maybe a word-of-caution?):  Bill Anthony, my mentor, told
me about his made-boards when he worked for F. G. Marshall's in
England. He needed good, solid boards for the vellum over-board
bindings that they produced for memorial books. On one occasion, after
he had made the various laminations with HM paper and animal glue, the
boards were allowed to cure under his bench. After a period of time, he
noticed a dark spot in the middle of the boards, and later the entire
center was gone. Was it consumed by mold?  He theorized that he may not
have allowed each layer to dry sufficiently before continuing, and that
too much moisture was trapped.

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