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Re: [BKARTS] paper cutter query

Hi all,

I bought a Kutrimmer 1038 a few months ago to facilitate a project that
involved quite a bit of cutting and it was a godsend.  As someone who loves a right
angle and a clean cut, I can't believe that I ever produced work without it.
This project involved cutting over 400 1/2" strips (to attach concertina
pages together) and this model cut those beautifully.  (It has a side guide to cut
narrow strips, something that not all the models have.)  The finished book
block was too thick to trim on this cutter (as I would have done if I had had a
guillotene cutter) but it did come out looking almost trimmed from just having
trimmed the individual pages to size.  It cut the book board nicely too,
edges straight and sharp.  (It took me some time to accept that I could cut board
on this sweet little thing, I had fears of dulling the blade, but everyone
told me that is not a concern.  And once I started cutting board with it, I will
never cut with a knife again.)

This model, however is small, I don't have space for a larger one, but if
space and money is not a problem, I would recommend a larger model.  I had to
trim the board and tear the paper to approximate sizes before cutting with the
Kutrimmer, it would be nice to eliminate some of that work.

I bought it from a company that I found on the web, called Machine Runner.  A
very good price and no shipping charges.

Lisa Olson

PS--a personal hello to Candy.


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