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[BKARTS] paper cutter query

I use a  Martin Yale 7000e to cut text bocks up to 1.5" thick and 12"
long. It works great and is much more economical than having the local
printer cut the text blocks. (I've been charge at $1 a cut for this -
ouch.)  I have also used the 7000e to cut book boards. It works quite
well for this as long as you cut more than one at a time - the edge of
the bottom board is sometimes not exactly a right angle. All in all I
have been very happy with it. A great choice if you want to cut mostly
text blocks and occasionally book board.

Cost: c. $450. Search the web for Martin Yale 7000e. You should find a
supplier relatively easily.

Hope this helps, 

Philograph Press

> > Re: cutting textblocks with it, you will need a guillotine 
> for that, 
> > not a boardshear/paper cutter. There is a difference.
> I've been struggling for awhile now with, sounds like, 
> exactly the problem of various other people on this thread: I 
> want to cut textblocks; I can't afford a guillotine (and 
> don't have space for one); my local printer will cut for me 
> only relucantly and at a high price.
> Sometimes I wonder if I should buy a 30-50 or so page cutter, 
> and cut sections of my textblock at a time. Has anyone had 
> any luck with doing this? Of course, the concern is that the 
> pages won't line up, no matter how careful you are to make 
> the cuts identical. Is such precision possible?

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