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[BKARTS] Box Binding

Is there anyone who is familiar  with Box Binding ????
This was a system of binding used by a Jewish binder in Portugal and Spain in the late 15th cen.   This style of binding has the box as its cover . My knowledge of this came from Szirmai " The Archaeology of Medieval Bookbinding" and a couple of articles by Lelia Avrin . Apparently there are these types of bindings in Bodleian Library, Klau Library, Rosenbach Museum and Schocken Institute .
I have attempted to make a crude model from the little technical info that I have found .
Is there anyone out there who able to tell me how they did the endbands ???
I believe there was a primary endband into the boards and the secondary encloses the leather cover .  How was it sewn?????
Looking forward to hearing from you .

Dave Perry 

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