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Re: [BKARTS] animal hide glue

I have seen such good (and prompt) answers to several questions today,
my first day on this list, and am now ready to ask a question of my
own.  :

Does anyone know where to get plain-weave brown bookcloth? The color I need is a sort of medium-brown (darker than tan, lighter than chocolate brown) that one finds on many mid-nineteenth-century books. I have a couple of Munsell and Ticknor & Fields editions waiting for backs but I can't find the proper cloth.. Nor have I been successful in finding period books willing to yield their covers--I just hate the thought of destroying something else in order to get these projects done.

I am still very new at this, but I did check out the sources at hand (Lineco, for one, and a couple of supply catalogues that all have what seems to be the standard green, red, black, and sometimes blue) and a few internet sources, although I am hesitant to buy over the internet without seeing the product first. Perhaps your answers can guide me in that regard.

Thank you.

Susan Cifaldi "Apprentice"


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