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[BKARTS] Glue and Gelatin

Pity the poor Dead Rabbits Paul!
I think that you are wrong, in fact I know that you are. Compare a gelatin
sized paper to a (does anyone still do it? Hmmm, wonder why not?) glue sized
paper. Talk about brittle. 19th century papers with that glue sizing and no, its
not just the crummy stock nor the alum/rosin content though like all hide glue
additives they don't help.
I'll not argue gesso on wood panels except to say that I doubt you'll find
any conservator using hide or rabbit or even 'gator glue on either canvas or
wood much less paper. Hmmm, again I wonder why not?
But for the sake of further discussion, just what constituent of hide glue
(which is, really, an impure gelatin) contributes to its flexibility? If an
additive, which one has stood for even 100 years? As you know, not all progress is
forward. My best, James

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