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Re: [BKARTS] pasteing paper to cloth


I'd treat this like a wall map.  Buy a piece of thin muslin large
enough to do this job and wash it to remove any sizing.

I have large formica covered work benches, and this is how I use them.

Using wheat starch paste, paste out the muslin onto the formica.  This will
straighten the cloth and remove wrinkles.  Paste out the maps and lay them
in place.

Put some Mylar strips around the edges of the muslin, lay some 1X2 lumber
on the Mylar and weight it down.

Let the map dry throughly (couple-three days) and then pop it free from
the formica.  Trim to size, leaving some borders for tacking/stapling
the map in place during use.

When done, roll it up on a large tube (about 6" dia) with the map facing
out.  Wrap some protective paper over the map, and put it into storage.


>I have been asked to make a collage of USGS maps to cover a the route of a
>wilderness program.  The map collage is not for field use.  They will be
>used as a briefing tool for the staff and parents of the participants.  I am
>curious as to what would be better to use to glue the sheets to cloth
>backing.  PVA (jade 409) or wheat paste.  The final product is going to be
>about 5 sheets by 6 sheets. Each sheet is approx 22x18 (USGS 7.5 minute
>maps, 1:24000.)  the collage needs to be able to roll up for storage without
>wrinkling too much.
>Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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