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Re: [BKARTS] animal hide glue


Animal glue is completely reversible. To combat brittleness, add a few drops
of glycerin to the pot. How bad can animal glue be? Didn't your 18th century
book last nearly 300 years with animal glue on the spine?

You asked what conservators use.  It might be more appropriate to ask; what
is the current belief as to what is a suitable spine adhesive? Conservators are
like those in the field of medicine and nutrition, their beliefs change
radically from time to time. In the 60s, soluble nylon was the rage among
"conservators" for consolidation. Try buying it today. You can't. It was discovered
that soluble nylon breaks down after only a short period, rendering it totally
useless. Well,... Back to the drawing board.

My advice is to study what has been used successfully over centuries, and
employ that for a guide for what does and doesn't work; and of that which worked,
which was best. There are literally millions of examples to learn from.




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