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Re: [BKARTS] period cloth (was animal hide glue)


Covering in cloth and sawn-in cords are two very different things. Any
book that comes into the shop should be treated as respectfully and
appropriately as possible. Sawing in was a natural response to the
increased speed of printing by binders who at the time were not
mechanized at all.But there are better ways of working today...
As to your concern about period cloth.If you're able to reuse the
original spine, use a cloth that is similar in texture and tone it with
acrylics. I can never get an exact match, but if the tone and intensity
are close, the repair will be unobtrusive and only show in the joints.
Most ethical book people will be quite happy with such a repair; at
least that's been my experience. The only time I might condone using
original cloth is if I had an unusable cover available; the odds of that
(in my shop at least) are pretty low.
Good luck.

Don Rash

Susan Cifaldi wrote:
> I'm sorry to hear that.
> I get the feeling that there is not too much respect for the early
> clothbound books.  In fact, when I read Edith Diehl's characterization
> of sinking cords as a "vicious" invention of the 18th c., I get the
> distinct impression that book respect lessens as one moves farther and
> farther from incunabula.  That doesn't seem to be the opinion that
> prevails on this list, though.
> With that in mind, and with the unavailability of period-correct
> coverings, perhaps that is why I was advised to look for an inexpensive
> period book from which to strip the cloth to use for my backing
> projects.   As a historian, I really can't quite do that, but I wonder,
> what are your thoughts regarding such practices?
> I realize I may be opening another philosophical debate; perhaps that is
> why I am asking the question   :-)
> Susan


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