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Re: [BKARTS] soluble nylon


Far be it from me to doubt the word of people involved with the development
of a material which is no longer considered suitable for use in a conservation

I was simply reporting what was told to me by Dr.- Dr. Joe Nkrumah (Ph.D's in
chemistry and anthropology; who studied conservation science and technology
at the British Museum).


>Residing in the "Chemical Capitol of the World," Wilmington Delaware, home of
>the DuPont Co., has afforded me the opportunity to converse firsthand with
>the men directly involved with the development of such products as nylon.
>(W. H.
> Carothers excepted.) Soluble nylon does indeed deteriorate. It looses its
>molecular bond, as it were.  Please check with ICI formerly maker of Calaton
>(soluble nylon) to confirm what I have said.

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