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[BKARTS] The book arts response to the patriot act

This is a very timely discussion for this list and several book artists have
created insightful books that address the patriot act.

Richard Minsky (minsky@xxxxxxxxxx) has a hugely powerful copy of 1984
currently on display at the Katonah Museum of Art.  It doesn't matter who is
looking at the book, their picture appears on the cover.  How is it done?
There is not a mirror around.  Only Big Brother knows for sure..and HE is

For the Stand and Deliver show (www.artistbooks.com) Elsi Vassdal Ellis
(eve@xxxxxxxxxx) is represented by The Search for the Ethical Compass, in
which she examines every administration from JFK to W for presidents and
their advisors who lost or misplaced their moral bearings.  I don't recall
exactly, but I think there are a dozen pop-up spreads, each packed with
supporting material.  It's the most heavily researched pop-up book I've ever
seen.  My favorite page has John Ashcraft hacking away at Liberty with the
Patriot Act.  The book is lively, colorful, fanciful, and thought-provoking.
Priced at only $200 it is also an incredible value.

Shana Agid of Rind Press (shana@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx) has created Snitch,
a pop-up book about surveillance.  "It is about the ways people talk about
what surveillance is and how, even as many people resist some forms of
surveillance, we help it operate every day."

I very much value and commend these artists for speaking so effectively for
many of us who are opposed to the patriot act but have not found an
effective manner outside of the ballot box (VOTE!) to express our

Ed (Hutchins)


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