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Re: [BKARTS] Patriot act takes an artist

RE:  Ummm ... I think we are all producing biological agents in our homes
and others) just by being there!

Yes, I used to work on e. coli in my pre-book days (in a microbiology lab,
not as artistic practice) .  Very very smelly, but except for a few virulent
strains, the bacteria is harmless and also a healthy component of our natural
flora.  Anyone could grow an e. coli culture from their own body waste.  When
there is a scare about e. coli in lakes, rivers, etc, that particular bacteria is
such a common component of fecal matter that it is used as an indicator for
sewage contamination, indicating that perhaps nastier enteric bacteria (eg.
salmonella) are also present.  The e. coli isn't the worry.

I have not had the time to work through the website and understand exactly
what this project is about, but these guys seem professional and earnest about
what they are doing, and the bacteria sure is safer than many of the solvents,
etc, that many of us use every day.

L. Olson


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