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Re: [BKARTS] Patriot act takes an artist (good!)

In a message dated 6/7/04 5:27:05 PM Pacific Daylight Time,
siegel@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx writes:

<< Did you actually read the story?  <snip>    ...and then put him in prison
on ridiculous charges. >>

Yes, I did read all of the stories, but, apparently you didn't.  Kurtz was
not put into prison, in fact, he hasn't even been charged with anything, yet.
However, there is a grand jury investigation.  Which is great.  Any nut
producing biological agents in his home needs to be investigated.   If other
"artists" find this chilling, good!  Being an artist is not a license to produce
biological agents at home.

What's clear to me is that this is nothing close to an example of goverment
excess using the Patriot Act.  The guy's 45-year-old wife suddenly dies in the
same house where this nut is producing biological agents (to make a polictical
statement.)  To not investigate would be wrong.  Has the guy broken any laws?
 Not known. He hasn't even been indicted yet. But, to say that this is
government excess, at this point, is, at the least, premature.


The clearest view of this story, without the political garbage, can be found


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