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Re: [BKARTS] bindery work at living history/open-air museums

With the recent discussion of 18th/19th c. bindings, I'm finally
prompted to ask a question that I've been wanting to ask for a while:

Does anyone on the list do volunteer or paid handbinding at a living
history or open-air museum (such as, in my area for example, Historic
Deerfield, Old Sturbridge Village, or Mystic Seaport)? I am on a
museum list as well, and a couple of times there have been queries
coming through from exhibit folks looking for reproduction books,
etc. I know at OSV they have craftsmen such as blacksmiths and
printers at work, but I haven't seen a binder. A binder would be a
good complement to a printer.

---Amy West

I don't know if I'm going to phrase this right because I got it secondhand from my mother in law. She volunteers there in the summer to weed the botanical gardens. That's all they want there... is people to help weed the gardens.

Everything else is either contracted thought the CT state historical
trust (that's the term I'm not sure she got right (State of CT/
Historical Trust?) and they have a actual contract or they put out
bids on things... or something like that... anyway, you don't just
get *hired* there...  you have to go through some other organization
at the state level....

My friend Chris worked at Sturbridge for a summer... not only do you
have to be skilled at what you do, they want you to have some sort of
certification in it...  and you also have to go through several
acting auditions because you have to stay in character all the time,
you know? She ended up being some sort of gardening wench or
something, I don't know. But she was a colonial history major anyway,
so she knew all that stuff....

I don't know anything about Deerfield.

But from the sounds of it, you are in my neck of the woods. Where are
you? I'm in Rhode Island near Providence.




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