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Re: [BKARTS] Patriot act takes an artist (good!)

What you have described as art is not art by any definition I know of. It's just bizarre behavior masquerading as art.

On the other hand, that's just about the weakest argument ever. Isn't that what anyone says when they don't like a piece of art? *especially* performance art. But critics are always coming down on anyone with unusual ideas. I mean... Monet, Picasso, Jackson Pollack, Galileo... and the FBI is spending all this time and money bothering him when they could be doing something useful....

And those of us who don't merely do restoration, who also do book art... (to bring it on back now,) there are people who don't exactly consider that an "art" either... not that we are going to get locked up for it (yet...)

But the poetry teachers are getting fired, too

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