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[BKARTS] Patriot act takes an artist BAD!

It was Andres Sollano who produced "PISS CHRIST" though I well remember his
work being conflated with Mapplethorpe's during those particular salvoes in the
Culture Wars. Shades of Reagan in more than one sense!
I do not believe that any of us would question the right, indeed duty of
local authorities to fully investigate any suspected public health risk. That
investigation was done and the "site" was declared safe by those authorities.
Should have been Case Closed.
The issue to me is that despite those facts we now have the individual being
pursued to prosecution by Federal authorities under terms of the so-called
Patriot Act. I don't think it a minor coincidence that the artist's work has a
specific political bent nor that the Patriot Act is now an election year issue
with a majority of the Senate calling for major revisions over the objections
of our un-elected Attorney General and President.
The issue is not whether I or you choose to call anyone's work ART. The issue
is whether Federal authorities, under a statute clearly meant to (tongue in
cheek here) further the War on Terror, should be allowed to use that statute to
curb our basic freedoms. I would hope that we all, no matter our opinion of
cubism or drip painting or Picasso's draftsmanship, would be able to answer NO
in a single voice. Best, James


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