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[BKARTS] Headbands and Jackson Pollock

Please note from the subject line, it's not Pollack.
I'm glad at least one person added the second "p" in Mapplethorpe.

I just finished sewing the headbands (the "double P" style I learned from
Nicholas Pickwoad in England when I was the US/UK Bicentennial Fellow in
1978). It's on a guest book for a wedding that's this Saturday, so I have
to work long hours this week to finish it.  But I did stop and read the
semi-literate comments about art.  MY view of art criticism is that
whatever you say when you write about art, please spell the artist's name
right.  Thank you for spelling my name correctly.

They used to say that what I did wasn't art. That's how I knew it was.
It's unnerving to read on this list that it IS art. I better get back to
work and finish this book. You can't be late on a book for a wedding!



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